Friday, November 19, 2010

Singing at the International Level!

I have, after 36 years of teaching voice internationally, decided to write a book on The Opera Singers Bible to Great Technique to singing consistently with vitality through the twilight years of life.
I'll be writing some exerpts here on my blog to get the ball rolling for all those interested in allowing his or her voice to achieve his or her natural gifted sound.

Probably the most important aspect of being able to sing consistently creating the reputation of never having to cancel is knowing how to use great support.  Using the intestinal track as grunting support and allowing the target of that support to spearhead the bottom of the ribcage (sternum), with the upper torso relaxed and totally available to this support - the result will be a collapse of the upper back and chest allowing the complete vocal mechanism to hook up for singing with freedom.  Having energy never directly reaching the voice is the redeeming result of this hookup of support.  The main object is to not work the larynx and vocal mechanism but to let this whole area completely relax.  For the control freaks who must micro-manage their voices and who cannot keep their hands off the vocal mechanism, this is a foolish errand!  For the singer who is totally in touch with his or her body who can abandon the upper body,  this is the beginning of genius singing!

I'll be elaborating on each blog every month. 
I will respond and elaborate with all those who write in with good questions & considerate thoughts.

Robert McFarland

Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome to The Voice Studio - Robert McFarland International Dramatic Baritone

In addition to the opera company Opera Seabrook & McFAMI, maestro McFarland also maintains an artist studio for those wishing to pursue a career in vocal performance. Robert McFarland has taught singers for over 37 years and his Artists are of the finest caliber. The students of "The Voice Studio" go on to careers of their own either in vocal performance or in teaching voice. Students of Robert McFarland have achieved accomplishments which are extraordinary in winning competitions worldwide. Learning his technique will ensure years of performing well without damage to your vocal instrument. Each month McFarland Artists Studio provides a concert recital and scenes program in Salem , NJ., for experience in the field of the vocal performing arts. McFarland Artists Studio has four locations: Philadelphia , South Jersey, New York City and Bogotá ( Colombia , South America ). If you are serious about pursuing a career in voice, seeking a teacher, and are in the East Coast area, Call 856.283.7967 or send an e-mail to  or at  If you are in Colombia please contact us by email only or call 3805580 (as local number in Cali). References are available and Robert McFarland students will gladly share their experiences with him as their teacher. Serious inquiries only!